Jenni Cornette. I believe in love.


Hello Beautiful Souls,

I am so honored to share this sacred space of unity and collaboration to honor the artist in each of us.  My vision is to help women leaders expand their reach and create like minded communities to inspire, elevate, and empower each other.  This is a place of support and not of competition.  This is a safe, judgement free online destination to connect and praise the unique gifts each of us have.  A place to encourage mind, body, spirit connection.  A place to remind ourselves and each other the importantance of slowing down and investing our time in nurturing our relationships and ourselves.  A sacred spirit warrior sisterhood where we take a stand for the others in our tribe and for our cause.

I practice a holistic approach to business, using proven strategies that will build your brand and elevate your business.  I have 22 years in the spa and wellness industry, so I have lots of juicy wisdom to share with those of you in the mind body beauty boutique business.  I also educate all business leaders how to practice a mind body spirit connection and self care with a balanced approach for optimal health and business productivity.  

I am a visual artist and intuitive designer, I help bring your brand story to life and give it a voice visually for impact.

I have founded and built several brick and mortar businesses and have gain a wealth of wisdom and love to share my life lessons with my clients.

I am a lover of all the arts, healing arts, music, dance, writers, photography, artist of design, painters, healers.  I believe we are all artist and that there is an art to most everything that is important in life.



Jenni Cornette